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Charites working in the countries you visit

The focus of our charity work is currently towards charities that are specifically aimed at making a difference in underdeveloped countries; countries which many

of our site visitors and members will be travelling to.

Our vision is that every needy child receives one daily meal in their place of education.

With Mary’s Meals we dare to dream. As more and more people become involved in the Mary’s Meals movement we look forward to the day when every needy child is offered a daily meal in school. Mary’s Meals began in Malawi and Malawi is still the main focus of the campaign. This is because we have the people and infrastructure in place to expand the Mary’s Meals programme just as quickly as funds become available.

Find out more about the charities listed below, click on their website links and consider making a donation.


Underpinning CAFOD's work is a deeply held set of values that are central to the organisation's ethos and identity.

We act based on principles of compassion, solidarity, stewardship and hope. Confronted by immense poverty and suffering, CAFOD's most fundamental response is compassion.
CAFOD also stands alongside excluded communities, sharing resources, uniting in prayer, defending rights and challenging the systems that keep people poor.
CAFOD draws its inspiration from Scripture, the Church's social teaching, and the experiences and hopes of the poor. Our mission is to promote human development and social justice in witness to Christian faith and Gospel values

Click here to visit the Cafod site

Street Child Africa

The street children of Africa need friends. Friends to help them survive, to prevent their abuse, to give them hope and self-respect so that they can look forward optimistically to the future. It was to be a friend to these children, and to help their other friends, that the United Kingdom registered charity Street Child Africa was formed in 1998.

Click here to visit the Street Child Africa site

Sight Savers International

Sight Savers believe that sight is a basic human right, and that everyone - including those in the world's poorest countries - should have access to the treatment and eye care that they need. Sight Savers are important because, as well as providing treatment that can help to restore sight, they also assist with the rehabilitation of those who are irreversibly blind - thereby helping them to make a better future for themselves.

Click here to visit the Sight Savers site

Tourism Concern

Tourism Concern has a wide range of exciting and innovative projects. We work with communities in destination countries to reduce social and environmental problems connected to tourism and with the out-going tourism industry in the UK to find ways of improving tourism so that local benefits are increased.

Click here to visit the Tourism Concern site


Oxfam International is a confederation of 12 organizations working together with over 3000 partners in more than 100 countries to find lasting solutions to poverty, suffering and injustice. Oxfam International seeks increased worldwide public understanding that economic and social justice are crucial to sustainable development.

Click here to visit the Oxfam International site

Make Poverty History

MAKE POVERTY HISTORY brings together a wide cross section of over 300 charities, campaigns, trade unions, faith groups and celebrities who are united by a common belief that 2005 offers a unprecedented opportunity for global change.

Click here to visit the Make Poverty History site


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