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This section is designed to help you avoid unnecessary delays in processing your visa application. The following principles of form filling and visa planning will be of great value to all.

The Passport

Will your passport have sufficient validity for the country or countries you are visiting, considering the date and duration of travel? (If you are not sure check against the visa search facility at MyVisaAdviser)
What condition is your passport in? If the film over the biographical (photo and details) page of the passport is separated you may need to replace your passport.
Before obtaining a visa, your passport must have 1 and sometimes 2 completely clear visa pages in your passport.
The UK passport application must be completed in BLACK ink and signed within the box provided.
Passport photos must be on a white background.


'Know Before You Go' is an awareness campaign aimed at encouraging British travellers to prepare better before going overseas.

MyVisaAdviser supports the 'Know Before you Go Campaign'.

We recommend you check the travel advice on the Foreign Office website before travel, and if on an extended trip also while abroad.


The Visa

Most visa application forms can be downloaded and printed from this site. US embassy visa forms must be completed online and then printed and signed.
Visa Applications forms should always be completed in BLACK ink and capital letters a few embassies will accept a form completed in blue ink but most will not.
All application forms must be signed………use Black Ink.
All questions on an application form must be completed. If a question does not apply to you put a dash – in the box or write N/A for not applicable. Some embassies will reject an application if some answers to questions are left blank.
If you are a foreign national with more than one passport applying for a visa in the UK, you must submit with your application the passport that has your LEAVE TO REMAIN IN THE UK stamped inside it.

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